WOMBAT stands for “We offer manna, balm and time”.

This comes in the form of emergency relief for anyone who might need food. We have food parcels for singles, couples and families. Our emergency relief team are on duty on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS from 9.15am to 11.45am.

Donations of food are always gratefully accepted.

WOMBAT has been active group in the Parish since 1990. Our focus is on the support of REFUGEES and those in need of assistance in our local community through our involvement with the PARISH PANTRY.

Our parishioners, friends and other local parishes bring gifts of non-perishable food to make up the basic supplies of the pantry. WOMBAT members sort and store the food and prepare food parcels to be given out to those who come to us for assistance.

Money is also donated and is always needed to purchase basic items in short supply. WOMBAT members are rostered for a month at a time to check supplies and purchase any necessary items.

Bread and margarine, stored in the freezer are among the items bought every week. A second-hand bookshop under the Grange Progress Association Hall is open from 9.00am - 1.00pm every Saturday providing much needed funds in support of refugees.

Active WOMBAT members offer support in many different ways to those seeking a new life and safety in our midst.

Time is of the essence here: time to help families adjust to a new language and culture; time to help with homework, fill out forms etc.; time to do extra shopping and make up food parcels.